Friday, June 11, 2010

Twitter Love

Blogging is coming a little easier to me now that I’ve recently become a member of Twitter. Those 140-character thought bursts are like boot camp for the fine art of writing concisely.

And speaking of Twitter, I must confess that prior to late May, I had never “tweeted” before. To be honest, I had a nagging fear of the tweet. But I took the plunge, Dear Readers, and I’m happy to report that the water is very warm. Since then, I’ve met several fabulous people who are looking forward to January 11, 2011 (the release date for OTHER WORDS FOR LOVE....What? Did you forget already? Isn't that date circled on your calendar in bright red ink?) right along with me. And, like me, they’ve been captivated by my novel’s cover image (which, by the way, was designed by the exceptionally talented Angela Carlino at Random House).

So on this Friday I’m feeling very grateful, especially to those fantastic bloggers who have been kind enough to give me a shout-out on their sites: Sara at The Hiding Spot and Jacqueline at The Eclectic Book Lover:

Have a wonderful weekend, Dear Readers.