Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Voices Carry

As I mentioned in an earlier post, music is one of the things that inspires my writing. There’s nothing better than finding a song that captures the essence of the mood, the setting, and—most importantly—the feelings of a character. As an author, music helps me to slip into a character’s mind and to see and feel through his/her eyes. And it’s crucial to see and feel what your character does.

I had a collection of songs that I listened to while writing OTHER WORDS FOR LOVE. I’ve already blogged about two of them—“Breathe Your Name” ( and “Kiss Me” ( --which depict the intensity and fragility of the main character (Ari)’s emotions--especially as they relate to her boyfriend, Blake. 

Another song that reflects Ari’s feelings, and mirrors the darker aspects of those feelings as well as her habit of keeping her emotions pent up, is “Voices Carry” by ‘Til Tuesday: The music matches the mental heaviness that burdens her, and the lyrics sound so much like what she’s thinking.

I discovered this video just recently, and was surprised and somewhat amazed to find that it contains many  elements that match OTHER WORDS FOR LOVE—the delicate heart made of rose petals, the city lights (okay, just pretend the photos are of NYC instead of London!), the tear on the eyelash, the blue eye, the religious symbols. If you’ve read the ARC of my book, you’ll know what I mean (wink, wink.)