Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Friday: Golden Globe Fashions!!!

Happy Friday, dearest readers! I thought I'd take a break from discussing all things literary to indulge in another one of my faves: Hollywood! The Golden Globes were last Sunday night, and even though I've been way too busy to watch the show (although I did catch Matt Damon's introduction of Robert DeNiro, which was utterly priceless), I've read about it, seen some clips, and of course...informed myself of the fashions.

You know those shows where they talk about the "best" and "worst" of award night fashions? Well, I'm only going to talk about the best...or what I think is the best...because if I don't have something nice to say...well, you know how that one goes. So here are my picks of the "best" fashions from the 2011 Golden Globes!!

#1 Claire Danes:

I'm a big Claire Danes fan. I spotted her talent way back when she played Angela on My So Called Life. Remember that show? Didn't you sympathize when she was aching for Jordan Catalano? She played that role with such subltely and depth that I knew she had a bright future ahead. And she also knows how to choose a fabulous dress. First of all, it's pink, which is my favorite color, and it matches perfectly with her hair and skin tone. The dress has clean lines, it's sophisticated, and it's also simple yet elegant. Nice job, Claire!

#2: Olivia Wilde:

Cinderella. Fairy Princess. Glitter, glitter, glitter. Need I say more?

#3: Vanessa Williams:

The sleek cut of the dress + its understated color + the sparkles + the smoky eye makeup = classic Hollywood glam. Just gorgeous.

#4  Hailee Steinfeld:

I've already bragged about my ability to recognize young talent. Check my earlier blog post about True Grit and you'll find all my gushing about this crazily talented young actress. She's going places, trust me. Have you heard the rumors that she might be cast as the lead role in The Hunger Games? But getting back to fashion talk...this dress is very cute and age-appropriate for a 14-year-old, as is the adorable hairstyle. After her debut movie experience in the filthy, dusty, dangerous, and violent Wild West, Hailee deserved some red carpet glamour!

And that's all for today...have an awesome weekend, everyone!!