Thursday, February 17, 2011

Other Words for Love: The Playlist

During the past couple of months I’ve done many interviews with a lot of fabulous bloggers, and two questions I’ve often been asked are whether music helps me with my writing and if I have a playlist for Other Words for Love.

The answers to those questions are YES and YES!

Music definitely inspires my writing. It really helps me to get into the mind of a character and the essence of a scene, and it functions like a soundtrack of a movie.

Because my novel is set during the 1980s, listening to music from that time period helped me to mentally travel back to that era. Most of the songs that inspired me  are from the 80s, but not all of them! Breathe Your Name, Kiss Me, and Here’s Where the Story Ends are from the 90s, and they completely  capture Ari’s feelings and her state of mind.

During my blog tour, I mentioned a few songs that were inspirational to me, and now I’m revealing my entire playlist (see below). If you’ve read Other Words for Love, you can probably match the songs to many of the scenes in the book!

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