Monday, June 20, 2011

My Final "80s Favorite": The Go-Go's!!

During the past few months, I’ve written a few posts titled “80s Favorites” because, as you might know, my debut novel is set during the 1980s. Admittedly, there are many cringe-worthy aspects of popular culture from that decade (big hair, fluorescent get the picture...), but there’s also so much that has stood the test of time and that we can still enjoy today—especially the music.

So for my last (yup, this is the last one!) “80s Favorite,” I’m sharing a few pictures from a concert that I attended in Dayton, Ohio this past weekend.

You’ve heard of The Go-Go’s, right? Of course you have! They debuted in 1981 with their album Beauty and The Beat. The Go-Go’s music was part of the New Wave genre that defined the early 80s and included other innovative artists such as Debbie Harry (also known as “Blondie.”) Two of The Go-Go’s most popular songs, We Got the Beat and Our Lips Are Sealed are upbeat, breezy, summery, have a southern California feel, and are simply timeless.

The ladies, led by the always-beautiful Belinda Carlisle (who has also had a successful solo career that began during the late 1980s), are currently on tour and gave a fantastic performance at their concert in Dayton. Below are some photos from the show, and the video of Our Lips are Sealed.

Belinda Carlisle

The Go-Go's