Independently Wealthy is "delicious fun."
~People Magazine

October, 2014: Independently Wealthy was reviewed by Kirkus:
August, 2013: New Money was reviewed by Kirkus:

"New Money is a fun, funny, heartfelt novel with a heroine so human and charming you can't help rooting for her.  Lorraine Zago Rosenthal is a bright new voice...This book is the perfect summer beach read."

~Kristin Hannah, New York Times bestselling author of novels including Night Road, Firefly Lane, True Colors and Winter

Who doesn't dream of waking up one day to find out you're the sole heir to a billionaire's fortune? (That's not just me, right?!) In Lorraine Zago Rosenthal's New Money, Savannah Morgan goes from a modest Southern upbringing to Manhattan high society in a New York minute. This delightful coming-of-age story will touch you, make you laugh, and keep you turning the pages long into the night.

~Brenda Janowitz, author of Recipe for a Happy Life, Scot on the Rocks, and Jack with a Twist.

Fall, 2011: Other Words for Love was reviewed by The Horn Book Magazine: "Ari's life changes drastically when she starts at a Manhattan prep school. She befriends wealthy, forlorn Leigh who introduces her to upper-echelon society, including cousin Blake with whom Ari begins a relationship that's all-consuming and eventually devastating. The vivid 1980s setting adds depth to the story's complex layers of family dynamics, tumultuous friendships, first heartbreak, and recovery from it all." 

February, 2011: Other Words for Love was reviewed by Publishers Weekly:

February, 2011: Other Words for Love was reviewed by The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books:  "In this powerful exploration of loneliness and attachment, [Lorraine Zago Rosenthal]…expertly captures both the euphoric passion of first love and the utter devastation it can sometimes leave behind...Secondary characters are refreshing in their nuance, particularly Ari’s sister, and as such, there are no good guys or bad guys here, just people attempting to forge and maintain relationships to the best of their abilities...This will speak strongly to the recently brokenhearted and will perhaps remind them that there is a reason they are called 'first' loves.”

February, 2011: Other Words for Love was included in's "Best of the Month Young Adult picks so far this year”:

January, 2011: Other Words for Love was included in's "Best Books of the Month for Young Readers: January  2011" 

“An entertaining, bittersweet, and empowering depiction of the fallout of falling in love. Ari’s voice is so unguardedly honest that at times it feels as if you are reading your own diary.”  ~Daria Snadowsky, author of Anatomy of a Boyfriend

“[Lorraine Zago Rosenthal]. . . puts first love under a microscope, revealing it for the beautiful, harrowing, exhilarating, maddening, perplexing, and life-altering experience it can be. . . you aren’t likely to forget Ari Mitchell.” ~Dana Reinhardt, author of The Things a Brother Knows

"I excitedly give Other Words for Love five stars.  This is a beautiful book that teen girls should read and teachers and librarians need in their libraries.  If you enjoyed Sarah Dessen’s Someone Like You and/or Judy Blume’s Forever, you are sure to enjoy this debut novel." ~Sarah Andersen (high school English Teacher) of Y.A. Love 
[Full review here:]

"...One of the best contemporaries I've ever read. It made me sit and stare at my favorites bookshelf and wonder if that book was even worthy of being next to this book...This book is...amazing? The perfect YA first-romance story? The best way to put it is probably to say that if Courtney Summers wrote romance, I'd expect it to be something like this..." ~Julie of Bloggers ♥ Books

[Full review here:]

"What an amazing story!...This is more than a romance, more than a coming of age story, this is a well defined life of a teen...Ari is an amazing character and one cannot help but relate to her experiences. One of the strongest characters I have read in a long time." ~Aimee Jessop of Coffee Table Press

[Full review here:]

Other Words For Love is an enthralling debut with realistic issues surrounding family, friends and love. Not only did Lorraine gracefully capture everyday scenarios but she nailed it with a New York-esque vibe…By the end, I was left smiling which by far is the best way to finish a book.” ~Eleni Xekardakis of LaFemme Readers.
[Full review here:]
“Where to start with this book? Love is not a strong enough word to describe how I feel about it...any girl who’s ever been in love should read this book and if you’re going through a break up...this is the book for you...this book is a real emotional whirlwind and I cannot imagine any girl not being able to relate to this book in some way. I feel like this is the ultimate coming of age story and the best fictional break up bible out there...Read it, pass it on to your girlfriends and fall in love.” ~Jessica of Jess Hearts Books

[Full review here:]

“Ari is an easy character to like and root for...Other Words for Love is beautifully written and I wish I’d marked all of the passages that caught my attention throughout. I picked up this book because I liked the title and the cover, but I finished it because I loved the characters and the story.”  ~SCPL Teen Blog
[Full review here: ]
“Reading Other Words For Love was a trip down memory lane...Taking place in the late 80s, I was thrown back into my first love relationships…Characters were well developed and varied greatly…I ran the spectrum of emotions in this book. This one will keep you up way past your bedtime. Best contemporary I've read in a long time! 5 stars!”  ~Jen Bigheart (youth librarian) of I Read Banned Books
[Full review here:]

“This isn’t just some story about a girl who falls in love with a boy and then things go sour. It’s a story about Ari, this passionate, intelligent, caring teenager who loves art and feels this looming pressure to please her family. The complexities weaved into this story took me by surprise...all the characters in Other Words for Love are interesting...we get a peek at who we think they are, only to discover that maybe they’re more than we imagined…Other Words for Love is...beautiful and touching and filled with heartache and hope...this book will surprise you in the best ways...”  ~Nikki of Wicked Awesome Books
[Full review here:]
“ wasn't just Ari that made this novel so incredible. It was every character. It's been a while since I've read a novel with such a fleshed out cast of characters. Ari's Mom and Dad...her sister and brother-in-law. Ari's best friend. I felt like I knew them all, and their interactions in the story made it even that much more powerful. I loved the family dynamic in this novel. There aren't many YA novels that depict a relationship between a mother and daughter quite like this novel...” ~Kristi of The Story Siren
[Full review here:]
"This debut author takes the commonplace young adult tropes of first love, prep schools, wealthy kids with mysterious backgrounds, and coming-of-age family conflict and gives the reader something fresh and thoughtful. I loved the depth of main character Ari’s relationships with her friends, her boyfriend, her mother and her sister. This is a quiet, lovely book that is perfect for sophisticated teens or adults who love literary fiction." ~Random Acts of Reading. (included in "Spring Favorites for Readers of All Ages":

“Other Words for Love is a fabulous novel about a young girl finding herself and her passions...a real-world story of love, hurt, and perseverance. Lorraine's writing was simply stated but each word carried a lasting effect. There was no fluff in this book. It's a raw, realistic portrayal of first love and heartbreak. Ari's story is not one I will soon forget."   ~Jessica of Confessions of a Bookaholic
[Full review here:]

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